Iraanse familiportretten

Mohsen Rastani

Gezien in het Iraanse Paviljoen op de Biennale 2011 in Venetie.


Zie ook de bijdrage over marteleren in het Iraans paviljoen.


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3 Responses to Iraanse familiportretten

  1. Nora Schruth says:

    I´m student in Dresden of costume and stage design and got inspired by this photos in Venezia kind of randomly..
    This semester we, my class, will create a performative installation with the theme ORIENT+OCCIDENT.
    This photos and alot of texts will accompagny me the following next time!
    Thank you for your work..
    If you got any idea what text I could read or pictures I should see, I would be glad to get an answer of yours.
    greetings of one berliner in dresden with a huge curiosity for infos.
    Nora Schruth

  2. klaasamulder says:


    Thanx 4 your comment.

    I’m very : curious abt the results. Perhaps you can sent me somethig, so I can publisj something abt it.

    Iran is a country who has my special interest.

    The exebition of Iran @ the Biennale showed 3 artists, Mohsen Rastani was one of the three.

    See also:@ Iran in:

    Kindly regards,

    Klaas A. Mulder

  3. klaasamulder says:


    My Facebook: Klaas A. Mulder

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