Lovely Dejavu (1)

fotoThe photos in the next contribution are taken by Nasrin Hirmandiha.

She was born in Tehran in 1970. She has a B.S in nursing from Tehran University, but was interested in photography since she was a child.

She started taking photos when she was a student, and then took courses. At the same time she was accepted at the university in Cinema, but gave it up.

She practiced photography in social and commercial events at first, then portraits, and sometimes landscapes. She is working now as a semi- professional photographer. “I love nature, especially to discover the mysteries while listening to the sound of silence and the heartbeats. I adore music of life and harmony. I would like to share my feelings and experiences through my photos!!….”

Last week ( the 14th of June) we payed a visit to Damavand, near Tehran. Damavand mountain is the second highest mountain in Asia, after Mount Everest, an extinct volcano since 25 000 years ago.It has the shape of all volcanic mountains, except for their heat and harm ,,,is covered with snow which creates a very nice climate.

Mild and cool weather in a hot summer invites people from Tehran and other cities to go there. Lar lake, fed from of its melting snow, has many visitors too who like to relax for a while and enjoy fishing.

Every year just in two weeks (first days of June) you can find big wide fields of poppies and wild tulips there, which make for a splendid red view!

With the humming of honey bees, all blossoms and flowers dance in the wind while the sun is reflected in the flowers. The vallies are quiet in these last days of spring and show purple, yellow and red flowers.

The strange sense of a deja-vû reminds you of heaven, after visiting it. Try to be there once and smell life so profoundly!


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2 Responses to Lovely Dejavu (1)

  1. Jean-Claude RANSON says:

    Hey, I am Jean from France. Just want to thanks Nasrin for her pics but also for her kindness. She is a great friend.

  2. blue says:

    thanx alot of klaas , to give me this chance!many many

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